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Lincoln to Thai king: Thanks but no thanks for the elephants

Mar 24, 2018

Elephants are Thailand's national animal, so it's only natural that King Mongkut in 1861 offered to send a pair to the United States as a gift of friendship that has now endured 200 years.

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Brazil to vaccinate entire country against yellow fever

Mar 21, 2018

Brazil's health minister says the country is expanding its campaign to vaccinate people against yellow fever to cover the entire country

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Northern Brazil overwhelmed by desperate, hungry Venezuelans

Mar 20, 2018

Thousands of desperate and hungry Venezuelans are crossing into a poor, northern Brazilian state, where there is food but otherwise few prospects

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Brazil halts poultry exports to EU from company under probe

Mar 16, 2018

Poultry exports from a major Brazilian food processer destined for the European Union were suspended Friday by the government amid questions about the presence of salmonella

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Sao Paulo zoo reopens after yellow fever scare

Mar 15, 2018

Brazilian officials have reopened Sao Paulo's zoo and botanical gardens after a monkey was killed by the yellow fever virus

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Rumors, mistrust hinder Brazil yellow fever vaccine campaign

Mar 12, 2018

Amid rumors that a yellow fever vaccine is weak or dangerous, Brazil is struggling to vaccinate millions of people, raising concerns the outbreak could grow

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Brazil yellow fever outbreak largest in decades; 846 cases

Mar 7, 2018

Brazil's yellow fever outbreak has now infected more people than the previous one, which had been the largest in decades

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Olympic champ leads Aussie swim team for Commonwealth Games

Mar 3, 2018

Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers leads a 49-member Australia swim team for the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast next month

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Brazil yellow fever cases on track to surpass last outbreak

Mar 1, 2018

Brazil has confirmed 723 cases of yellow fever, putting the current outbreak on track surpass the previous, unusually large one

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Brazil records 545 yellow fever cases, 164 deaths

Feb 21, 2018

Brazil's Health Ministry has recorded 545 cases of yellow fever as the outbreak continues to expand

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