More than 1,550 measles cases confirmed in Brazil

Aug 30, 2018

Brazil's Health Ministry says more than 1,550 people have contracted measles as the country struggles to meet vaccination targets to stem the outbreak linked to neighboring Venezuela

Brazil health ministry says 4 million kids need vaccinations

Aug 24, 2018

Brazil's health officials say more than 4 million children still need to be vaccinated against measles

Thailand's Queen Sirikit, 86, admitted to hospital with flu

Aug 20, 2018

Thailand's Queen Sirikit is being treated in a hospital for the flu

More than 1,200 infected with measles in Brazil; 6 dead

Aug 14, 2018

Brazil's Health Ministry says more than 1,200 people have been infected in a growing measles outbreak linked to cases imported from neighboring Venezuela

In Haiti, slight progress for LGBT rights is seen as victory

Aug 14, 2018

Gay-rights activists are cautiously raising their profile in Haiti _ even as their community faces pervasive hostility in most spheres of public life

Australian golfer Jarrod Lyle dies after long cancer battle

Aug 9, 2018

Australian golfer Jarrod Lyle has died at age 36 after a long struggle with cancer

Australian state reports its first case of superbug fungus

Aug 7, 2018

An Australian state has reported its first case of a superbug in a hospital patient who likely picked up the drug-resistant fungus in Britain

Brazil rushes to thwart measles outbreak from Venezuelans

Aug 6, 2018

Brazilian health workers are moving to stem an outbreak of measles being brought by Venezuelans, many famished and sick, who have fled their homeland amid economic and political turmoil

Brazil's top court wrestles with abortion at special hearing

Aug 4, 2018

Brazil, home of the largest population of Catholics, is debating whether to loosen abortion laws

Law ending sperm donor secrecy helps Australian find her dad

Aug 3, 2018

Australian state stripped away anonymity promised to sperm and egg donors with law that has brought unexpected joy and upended lives

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